Call for Paper

We welcome research that explores the interaction between computers and people smarter, which may leverage solutions from data mining, knowledge representation, novel interaction paradigms, and emerging technologies.

CFP Flyer

Topics interested but not limited to


* Autonomous Systems
* Decision Support Systems
* Learning and Adaptive Control Systems
* Intelligent Fault Detection and Identification
* Intelligent Control Theory and Applications
* Network Intelligence and Network Control
* Hybrid Intelligent Systems
* Neural Networks Based Control Systems
* Fuzzy Control
* Mechatronic Systems and Optimization Algorithms
* Industrial Networks and Automation
* Environmental Monitoring and Control
* Process Control
* Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
* Microprocessor-based Control
* Motor Control and Power Systems
* Intelligent Robots
* Intelligent Vehicle Control
* Aerospace Applications
* Information Security & Computer Forensics
* Cloud Computing and Big Data
* Green Computing
* Signal & Image Processing
* Artificial Intelligence
* Human Computer Interaction
* Mobile Technologies & Mobile Web Services
* Remote Sensing
* IP Mobility Protocols
* Communications Software and Services
* Ubiquitous Computing
* Internet Applications
* Virtual Environments and Social Networks